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Acitrezza & Acicastello

Acicastello maintains a unique charm, with the crystalline waters of its sea lining the lava stone ridges, in the shadow of the Norman Castle from which the city takes its name. Evenings are always alive and lively, thanks to the many restaurants and clubs, specialized in preparing delicious fish dishes.

Acitrezza so characteristic that it inspired the odes of Homer for its Odyssey, it is a fraction of Acicastello and a very charming little fishing village. The panorama is dominated by the stacks, the lava ridges formed before Etna. According to the myth of the Odyssey recounted by Homer it was the Cyclops Polyphemus who hurled large boulders against Ulysses’ boats.

Acitrezza also hosted the setting of Giovanni Verga’s novel of Malavoglia, today the Casa del Nespolo is still present, a dwelling where the humble family of fishermen stayed. Both Acicastello and Acitrezza welcome tens of thousands of tourists, in addition to gourmets in the area, not only during the summer but a little all year. The sea breeze you can enjoy, in addition to the spectacular castle and the stacks of Acitrezza make it the favorite place of thousands of people during the beautiful Sicilian evenings. These two delightful villages can be reached by car from our B&B in twenty minutes.

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